What We Do

It’s simple! Our goal is to consistently drive new and returning customers to your doorstep. At Lunar Media, we truly believe in the value of local businesses. We work WITH you to help brand your company and market your business using various online marketing tactics. Having an online presence is key for expanding your business and reaching customers you had no idea existed. Since our clients are all unique, we carefully analyze each business and create a strategy specific too your goals!


Social Media Marketing

  • Whether its building an ad campaign to target specific customers, or running contests/posts for platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, etc… Lunar Media handles everything!
  • In addition to the Social Media sites, Lunar Media will also develop an email marketing strategy. This will ensure your brand stays relevant by promoting your goods and services on a weekly basis.


SEO | Website Services

  • Our team will build/customize your company’s website to ensure that it is being ranked. With competition constantly rising, its important that your website appears on Google so customers can easily find you before they find the competition.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely important for local businesses, especially with competition rising everyday. When a potential customer searches the internet, we want them to easily find your website before they find the competition’s website!


DIY Consulting

  • If you believe you can handle the above on your own, we highly recommend this option. A member of our team will sit down with you and help you develop an organized plan so you get the most out of self-marketing!




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